genUpdates 4.1.1

  folder.project1165 Bytes
  multiPE7944,16 KbThis track is based on PE3 environment and will use a Windows Win7 Install CD. It builds the PE from source CD only, no predefined hives or similar. Many other WinBuilder projects use nativeEx's core.Peter Schlang
  SplitBinEx.ini295 Bytes

  !WBManager.wbmScript9,47 Kb
  myOptions.ini38,97 Kb

  !WBManager.wbmScript9,47 Kb
  myOptions.ini39,02 Kb

  !WBManager.wbmScript9,47 Kb
  myOptions.ini38,95 Kb

  folder.project14,6 KbAdd programs to your projects - most scripts already include all needed files inside. You can browse each category and select which programs should be added.

       multiPE/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps
  Portable Manager212,09 KbThis scripts manages how the Portable Apps are used in the PEPeter Schlang
  zipPortable.cmd68 Bytes

       multiPE/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/AntiVir
  Piriform ClamWin Portable65,17 KbThis script adds ClamWin Portable to the buildPeter Schlang

       multiPE/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/DiskDefrag
  AusLogics DiskDefrag Portable84,35 KbThis script adds AusLogic DiskDefrag Portable to the buildPeter Schlang
  Defraggler.lic5,35 Kb
  Piriform Defraggler Portable55,4 KbUse Defraggler to defrag your entire hard drive, or individual files - unique in the industry. This compact and portable Windows application supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems.Peter Schlang

       multiPE/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/FileManager
  FreeCommander54,47 KbFreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager.Peter Schlang

       multiPE/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/Network
  AMMYY Admin Portable46,98 KbThis script adds AMMYY Admin to the buildPeter Schlang
  Mozilla FileZilla Portable25,33 KbAdd Mozilla FileZilla Portable to the buildPeter Schlang

       multiPE/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/Rescue
  Recuva.lic5,34 Kb
  Piriform Recuva Portable55,68 KbAccidentally deleted an important file? Lost something important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. And it's free!Peter Schlang

       multiPE/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/SystemInfo
  Speccy.lic5,34 Kb

       multiPE/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/Tuning
  CCleaner.lic5,41 Kb
  Piriform CCleaner Portable56,47 KbCCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.Peter Schlang

  Depends112,89 KbDepends will be added on the projectPeter Schlang
  Devcon242,56 KbDevcon will be added on the projectPeter Schlang
  DriverView53,34 KbLists DriversPeter Schlang
  FileMon222,57 KbFileMon will be added on the projectPeter Schlang
  folder.project1245 BytesPrograms to do some diagnostics
  HxD1910,82 KbEasy to use, but powerful Hex EditorPeter Schlang
  ProcExp234,89 KbProcExp will be added on the projectPeter Schlang
  ProcMon247,31 KbProcMon will be added on the projectPeter Schlang
  PStart43,48 KbPStart will be added on the projectPeter Schlang
  RegMon212,64 KbRegMon will be added on the projectPeter Schlang
  Screen Cap105,3 KbScreen Cap will be added on the projectPeter Schlang
  Services164,59 KbEnhanced Windows Service ManagerPeter Schlang
  ServiWin53,81 KbEnhanced Windows Service ManagerPeter Schlang

  NotePad++39,7 KbInstalls Notepad++ to the PE. Downloads the application if necessary. Chooses language from install CDPeter Schlang

  ClassicStartMenu13,62 KbV 3.5Al_Jo
  MountStorePE2722,57 Kb(v. Mount drives after plugging in a usb hd/flash disk (+ Mount Hidden Partitions)Lancelot

  folder.project14,42 Kb

       multiPE/Core/1 - Core Basics
  SystemCheck8619,67 KbChecks some system conditions, and whether necessary third party applications / drivers are installed. Performs track change after source CD changes.Peter Schlang
  WaikFilesEx2527,39 KbDownloads some needed Waik files from internet, without installing the WAIKPeter Schlang
  ImageIndexEx11726,57 KbQueries information about images in install.wim and boot.wim of the source CDPeter Schlang
  RAM Target88,27 KbManages %TargetDir% beeing in a RAM drivePeter Schlang
  WimToolsEx5918,62 KbDefine WIM handling for multiPE_Vista and multiPE_Win7 build tracksPeter Schlang
  Core Package Setup388,94 KbMaintains a base package. That saves a lot of build time when you only want to add one app to the build.Peter Schlang

       multiPE/Core/2 - Core Files
  folder.project1571 BytesThis folder has the basic scripts needed to create a boot disk. You only need to enable this folder and the "Finish" folder to get a working project.

       multiPE/Core/2 - Core Files/1 - Prepare
  Define Fundamentals8610,16 KbThis script defines basic values used later in the buildPeter Schlang
  Dependencies162,42 KbHandles Script DependenciesPeter Schlang
  Verify Project648,41 KbMakes some logical checks inside your projectPeter Schlang
  Create Directories189,64 KbWin7RescuePE Create DirectoriesPeter Schlang
  PreConfig335,11 KbMounting source and more...NightMan
  folder.project14,63 KbThis folder contains the script which supervise if all scripts on this project have correct settings and sets some global configuration parameters. Read them carefully before changing anything.

       multiPE/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build
  Clear Target Folder162,75 KbNightMan
  Base Files2240,84 KbNightMan
  Additional files and drivers3684,36 KbNightMan
  multiPE Configuration167,71 KbDefines some variables used in multiPE environmentPeter Schlang
  Additional Fonts142,38 KbNightMan
  Custom Folder183,52 KbAll files and folders in this folder will be copied to the targetNightMan
  Basic configuration and tools336,71 KbConfiguring shell, startup and more...NightMan
  099.8-Winre.script.sav18,66 Kb
  Retrieve Project Info348,52 KbThis script checks the source CD and writes information about the OS and service pack inside the ProjectInfo.ini filePeter Schlang
  microBuild2356,77 KbGenerates multiPE_Win7 base PEPeter Schlang
  Win8 specials539,07 KbCopy Win8 needed files and registry entries. Needs Windows 8 DVD as sourcePeter Schlang
  Make directories174,58 KbThis script will create all basic directories needed for this buildPeter Schlang
  easyTxtSetup1011,29 KbThis script will add txtsetup.sif depending on your setup CD.Peter Schlang
  easyHive209,22 KbThis script will add UNICODE defined entries to registry hives depending on your setup CD.Peter Schlang
  easyModel2814,29 KbThis script checks the source CD for localized folder names and generates an image $ModelRAM in the target directory. The localized names are also written to local registry.Peter Schlang
  Copy and Expand files4517,58 KbCopy and expand compressed files from your Windows Install CD/DVD or folder into your build. This step is fundamental to add all needed system files.Peter Schlang
  AutoIt3 Support1312,08 Kb(x64/x86) Will add AutoIt3 to your PE. Executable is copied from Tools\sourcearch folder.Peter Schlang
  OleSupport2610,57 KbCopies some necessary files for OLE and registers themPeter Schlang
  FIPS76,4 KbFederal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) will be added to the project. Needed e.g. by VMWare scriptsPeter Schlang
  folder.project14,59 KbThis folder contains all the essential scripts that will create your project. Please read carefully what each script does before changing anything.
  ResHacker510,46 KbGenerates multiPE_Win7 minimum PEPeter Schlang

       multiPE/Core/2 - Core Files/3 - Shells
  Explorer8139,45 KbWill add Explorer to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu
  Set CMD.EXE as default shell3219,4 KbThis script will set CMD.EXE as the default system shellBoot Land community
  Windows Explorer2762,07 KbNeeds Windows Vista DVD as source2aCD, NightMan, Markus Debus
  Shell & Config2720,07 KbConfiguring shell, startup and more...NightMan, modified by Joshua
  BS Explorer16,46 KbA shell specifically for Windows PE. Icludes Start menu, Taskbar, System Tray, Desktop icons, and QuickStart.Peter Schlang
  folder.project14,58 KbSelect which shell you like best.

       multiPE/Core/2 - Core Files/3 - Shells/Addons
  folder.project1315 BytesSome addons needed by the system, please read carefully the instructions on each script before changing anything here.
  ImDisk419,94 KbCan add an ImDisk RAMDrive to the buildPeter Schlang

       multiPE/Core/2 - Core Files/3 - Shells/Explorer Tweaks
  Misc Settings3111,5 KbSet some additional stuff.Holger Kotsch

       multiPE/Core/4 - Core Components/BartPE
  InfSupport167,46 KbThis -project dependent- script allows BartPE plugins to directly include in the projectPeter Schlang

       multiPE/Core/4 - Core Components/Boot
  9 - Autorun0015,79 KbAdd Autorun.exe, autorun.cmd at startUpParaglider
  ShutdownPE2496,57 Kb(1.4.2) ShutdownPE provides basic and advanced options for shutdown/restart in PEHomes32

       multiPE/Core/4 - Core Components/OS
  DirectX 111418,84 KbDirectX11 for Win7PE x86/x64YahooUK, ChrisR
  .Net Framework1644,87 KbAdd .Net Framework 2/3 support to PEJFX, 2aCD
  folder.project14,51 KbSource CD delivered applications which may useful in the final PE
  MMC2920,12 KbNeeds Windows Vista or Windows 7 DVD as sourceNightMan, Nikzzzz, 2aCD, Markus Debus
  MMC_XP4523,47 KbInstalls the MMC console and its tools in your buildJohn Adamopoulos
  Notepad1918,01 KbWill add Notepad to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos
  Registry Editor175,93 KbWill add Registry Editor to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu
  Task Manager195,42 KbWill add Task Manager to the PE compilation.Radoi Ovidiu
  MS Visual C++ Runtime574,39 KbAllows you to run programs created with Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/2008/2010Homes32

       multiPE/Core/5 - Tweaks
  Wallpaper1878,94 KbConfigure your desktop backgroundHomes32
  CMD Window Settings127,48 KbThis script gives you the ability to change some CMD window propertiesPeter Schlang
  Desktop Tweaks117,26 KbShows / hides some system desktop iconsPeter Schlang
  Display Properties2624,46 KbSet your default display properties here.Holger Kotsch
  driverSigning_Win722,25 KbForces Install in the 'Unsigned Driver' dialog in the Win7 PEPeter Schlang
  driverSigning_XP244,08 KbSuppresses the 'Unsigned Driver' dialog in the PE, even if RSAENH.dll is loadedPeter Schlang
  folder.project1312 BytesAdd special tweaking to your project, allowing to set screen resolution, wallpaper and other shell customizations
  LocalisationEx712,23 KbSet localized data and keyboard layout of your build based on your PC's settingsPeter Schlang

       multiPE/Core/6 - Core Apps
  folder.project1257 BytesTools to diagnose, configure and test network connections.

       multiPE/Core/6 - Core Apps/Accessibility
  Screen Reader Support1018,23 KbAdds Screen Reader support to the PEPeter Schlang
  HD-Audio1210,3 KbThis script adds HD Audio Bus Driver and some HD Audio device driversMedEvil
  myNVDA234,82 KbAdds NVDA to PEPeter Schlang
  SwitchAud35,64 KbSwitches in the PE the Audio Endpoint DevicePeter Schlang
  USB Audio761,08 KbAdds USB headset support
  Win7Audio560,38 KbHD Audio support for x86 Win7 PEPeter Schlang
  XPE - pnp multimedia28226,54 KbSupport of PNP & multimedia in WinBuilder environment. Script copy necessary drivers and libraries for system devices and multimedia devices.Highway Star

       multiPE/Core/6 - Core Apps/Net
  CD-Opera 8.54 Web Browser2211,3 KbRun straight off CD version of OperaMedEvil, Language-Select by pedrole, adapt for multiPE by psc
  Internet Explorer 80631,25 KbTested with Explorer-ShellDera, 2aCD
  Internet Explorer2643,64 KbMicrosoft Internet Explorer v6 for LiveXP/NativeEx/NaughtyPEsaydin77
  netserv.inf7,99 Kb
  PENetwork5232,53 KbNetwork Settings and Support (v37) (v37f modified version of LiveXP Project)Holger Kotsch
  PENetwork Beta V52529,81 KbNetwork (LAN/WLAN) settings & support. Needs Vista/Server2008/Win7 DVD source !!!Holger Kotsch, edit by Joshua
  PENetwork.7z589,68 Kb
  PENetwork.exe603,12 Kb
  PENetwork_ver.txt27 Bytes

       multiPE/Core/6 - Core Apps/System
  BGInfo19110,22 KbBGInfo automatically displays relevant information about a Windows computer on the desktop's background, such as the computer name, IP address, service pack version, and more.Homes32
  Driver Import PE76169,19 Kb(v1.3.3.0 + Custom DrvImpe.exe can be used ) Driver Import PE Imports device drivers from local system or via an INF-file (and packed inf file ex: dps packages) into LiveXP.Kare
  EasyBCD38,95 KbCopies your local EasyBCD installation to the PE build.Peter Schlang
  hostAUD3312,44 KbScript adds hostDriver utility to the build, installing hostAudio.Peter Schlang
  hostDriver125,87 KbCommon functions for hostNIC, hostVID and hostAUDPeter Schlang
  hostNIC298,75 KbScript adds hostDriver utility to the build, installing hostNIC.Peter Schlang
  hostVID79,73 KbScript adds hostDriver utility to the build, installing hostVID.Peter Schlang
  HWPnP: Install Plug and Play Hardware Detection182,31 KbParaglider
  mountUSB72,99 KbDetects multiPE USB stick with PortableApps plugging inPeter Schlang

       multiPE/Core/7 - Core Package
  Build / Restore147,71 KbMaintains a base package. That saves a lot of build time when you only want to add one app to the build.Peter Schlang
  PEShell.lic2,46 Kb

  folder.project1204 BytesAdd driver support for your hardware.

       multiPE/Drivers/2 Video
  Universal Video Driver266,78 KbVbemp.sys is VESA/VBE based NT-family driver, can be used instead of many proprietary video drivers, e.g. for Intel i845GPeter Schlang

       multiPE/Drivers/4 Storage
  Removable Devices Combo2199,47 KbPeripheral Devices; USB Mass Storage, USB Keyboard & Mouse Hotplug, Ieee1394 Support are added by this script.fxscrpt
  SATA Drivers01056,16 KbAdds support for more SATA controllers. If all selected, the already compressed drivers will add 2 MB to your build.Lodovik
  USB Mass Storage Dummy Filter Driver148,04 KbWill add USB Mass Storage Filter Driver to convert USB memory sticks to fixed-disksoriensol

       multiPE/Drivers/6 Other
  AccessGain74,74 KbInstalls a driver allowing access to NTFS partitionsPeter Schlang

       multiPE/Drivers/7 Virtual Machines
  Virtual Machine Drivers138,06 KbAdds needed Drivers for your Virtual Machine(s)MedEvil

  FinalizeEx56,41 KbFinalize the build before PEFactoryPeter Schlang

  VerifyMacros403,66 KbContains macro definitions for verifyPeter Schlang
  Autoruns176,62 KbWill add support for silent autoruns to the PE compilation.John Adamopoulos
  Empty Hive135,21 KbThis script will create an empty registry hive and fill with user defined dataPeter Schlang
  multiPE_Api26217,05 KbThis script contains a set of magic functions that you can use inside your script to make some tasks easier like creating shortcuts and extracting files.Pedro Le 15, since version 026 modified by psc to new script with version 001

  folder.project12,5 KbAn project independent package to create all kinds of bootable media.
  PEFactory24449,12 KbCreates all different PE builds like ISO, USB etc.Peter Schlang

  BootTasks1811,52 KbSome PE settings done at boot timePeter Schlang
  folder.project14,48 KbContains all scripts to configure the PEFactory package
  Multi Boot219,12 KbDefines images to be included in a PEF buildPeter Schlang
  PELoader1629,14 KbJoshua's Win7PELoader for Vista and Win7 multiPE tracksPeter Schlang
  Properties256,3 KbProject dependent values and tasksPeter Schlang

  folder.project14,52 KbThis folder contains some configuration scripts to use Grub4Dos
  Grub4Dos177,64 KbSome functions to install Grub4Dos to the PEPeter Schlang
  Custom GrubMenu49,3 KbCustom Grub4Dos menu and splash screenPeter Schlang
  Standard GrubMenu94,57 KbStandard Grub4Dos menuPeter Schlang

       multiPE/PEFactory/Config/4-Prepare Image
  Wim Boot3210,65 KbCreates an WIM file from the current compilation in Target folder that can be booted into Ram from CD, HDD and USB disks.Peter Schlang
  folder.project14,51 KbThese scripts prepare an ramdisk or WIM image
  Ram Boot449,51 KbCreates an image file from the current compilation that can be booted into Ram from CD, HDD and USB disks.Peter Schlang

       multiPE/PEFactory/Config/6-Create Image
  Create ISO7510,01 KbCompiles the current compilation on the target directory to an ISO file that can be booted in emulator and/or burnt on CD-R.Open source community; edited by edborg; edited by psc
  Create USB flash drive6313,88 KbCopies the current compilation on the target directory to an USB flash drive.Peter Schlang
  folder.project14,53 KbThese scripts create an image that can be used to burn on a CD or DVD

  folder.project14,53 KbAfter creating an image, see how it will work inside a computer emulator.
  Run ISO in qEmu4310,72 KbQEMU is an open source PC emulator created by Fabrice Bellard wich is used to emulate an ISO file as a Bootable CD-ROM inside a virtual computer. Press Ctrl+Alt+F while running to view in fullscreen.Boot Land community
  Run ISO in VirtualBox10413,34 KbRuns your PE ISO in VirtualBoxPeter Schlang
  Run ISO in VMware4310,35 KbRuns your WinBuilder PE ISO in VMware player or workstationbooty#1

       multiPE/PEFactory/Config/9-Burn Image
  CDRecord Burn CD2415,77 KbBurn an ISO using CDRecord.Peter Schlang
  folder.project14,5 KbThese scripts burn created ISOs to CD or DVD
  ImgBurn.lic2,39 Kb
  ImgBurn ISO3111,19 Kb(v2.5.1.0) Burn your image to CD/DVD'sLIGHTNING UK

  HddImageCMD.7z367,34 Kb

  myOptions417,03 KbThis script saves and restores the user defined options of a project.Peter Schlang
  WB Manager7112,9 KbStore / Restore project configurationsPeter Schlang
  AcessibilityIni117,29 KbAccessibile help due to file boxes and text fieldsPeter Schlang
  AviraRescue148,07 KbThis script generates your own Avira Rescue ISO which can be used in a multiboot CD managed by Grub4DosPeter Schlang
  Core Apps36,11 KbMoves app scripts to the Core Apps folder and backwardsPeter Schlang
  DownToolEx94,89 KbEnhanced WinBuilder script Download Manager
  ExternalApps67,1 KbThis script links to external apps e.g. from Win7RescuePE or BartPE pluginsPeter Schlang
  folder.project14,58 KbSome tools which were added for special tasks - not meant to be executed while the project is running.
  HookAPIEx7219,95 KbHooks API macrosPeter Schlang
  LogIcons76,24 KbDownloads icons for the log.htmlPeter Schlang
  RegEditWB196,93 KbThis script loads the target registry hives into RegeditPeter Schlang
  RestartWBEx106,11 KbTerminates current WinBuilder instance and restarts it. Optionally a different WinBuilder.exe is used.Peter Schlang
  SplitBinEx42126,92 KbSplits attachments from script files and vice versaPeter Schlang

       multiPE_Zip/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/DiskDefrag/Defraggler.Zip
  LicenseFile.7z2,42 Kb
  ZipSize.ini76 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/Rescue/Recuva.Zip
  LicenseFile.7z2,41 Kb
  ZipSize.ini72 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Apps/!multiPE Portable Apps/Tuning/CCleaner.Zip
  LicenseFile.7z2,43 Kb
  ZipSize.ini74 Bytes

  Folder.7z385,67 Kb
  ZipSize.ini90 Bytes

  Folder.7z43 Kb
  ZipSize.ini117 Bytes

  Folder.7z798,51 Kb
  ZipSize.ini96 Bytes

  Folder.7z806,06 Kb
  ZipSize.ini113 Bytes

  Folder.7z263,33 Kb
  ZipSize.ini109 Bytes

  Folder.7z42,42 Kb
  ZipSize.ini114 Bytes

  Folder.7z490,93 Kb
  ZipSize.ini75 Bytes

  Folder.7z269,15 Kb
  HelpFiles.7z2,08 Kb
  ZipSize.ini159 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/1 - Core Basics/00-WaikFilesEx.Zip
  Folder.7z5,5 Mb
  ZipSize.ini119 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/1 - Core Basics/01-ImageIndex.Zip
  Folder.7z44,74 Kb
  ZipSize.ini65 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/1 - Core Basics/3-ManageWims.Zip
  Folder.7z745,96 Kb
  ZipSize.ini205 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/1 - Prepare/!HandleDependencies.Zip
  Folder.7z48,01 Kb
  Help.7z1,87 Kb
  ZipSize.ini130 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/1 - Prepare/!WBVerify.Zip
  Help.7z2,32 Kb
  Verifyexe.7z50,97 Kb
  ZipSize.ini112 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build/04.2-additional.Zip
  DriverScript.7z268,82 Kb
  RegisterVSS.7z197 Bytes
  ZipSize.ini174 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build/07.2-config.Zip
  Source Code.7z657 Bytes
  system32.7z373,52 Kb
  ZipSize.ini302 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build/100-microBuild.Zip
  REG.7z1,05 Mb
  ZipSize.ini58 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build/3a - easyTxtSetup.Zip
  Control.7z849 Bytes
  Exes.7z47,72 Kb
  ZipSize.ini111 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build/3b - easyHive.Zip
  Control.7z576 Bytes
  Exes.7z65,81 Kb
  ZipSize.ini125 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build/4 - easyModel.Zip
  BroadcastEnvChange_x64.7z22,65 Kb
  BroadcastEnvChange_x86.7z23,3 Kb
  Help.7z3,77 Kb
  ZipSize.ini238 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build/7 - AutoItSupport.Zip
  Folder.7z20,05 Kb
  ZipSize.ini138 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build/7 - OLESupport.Zip
  Folder.7z41,02 Kb
  ZipSize.ini69 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/2 - Build/ResHacker.Zip
  LicenseFile.7z815 Bytes
  ResHacker.7z440,1 Kb
  ZipSize.ini227 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/3 - Shells/01.1-Explorer.Zip
  cplfix.7z308 Bytes
  Folder.7z19,65 Kb
  Shortcuts.7z2,85 Kb
  ZipSize.ini176 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/3 - Shells/02.1-CMD.Zip
  Folder.7z953 Bytes
  Folder_x64.7z6,12 Kb
  Folder_x86.7z5,64 Kb
  ZipSize.ini167 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/3 - Shells/10.2-explorer.Zip
  Files.7z25,75 Kb
  Links.7z886 Bytes
  REG.7z496,35 Kb
  ZipSize.ini179 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/3 - Shells/11.4-bsexplorer.Zip
  Files.7z225,54 Kb
  ZipSize.ini67 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/3 - Shells/Addons/ImDisk.Zip
  Driver.7z9,88 Kb
  Source.7z335 Bytes
  System.7z67,1 Kb
  ZipSize.ini247 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/2 - Core Files/3 - Shells/Explorer Tweaks/MiscSettings.Zip
  Folder.7z20,75 Kb
  ZipSize.ini66 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/4 - Core Components/BartPE/InfSupport.Zip
  Folder.7z4,32 Kb
  ZipSize.ini68 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/4 - Core Components/Boot/9-Autorun.Zip
  x64.7z16,84 Kb
  x86.7z1,58 Kb
  ZipSize.ini96 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/4 - Core Components/Boot/ShutdownPE.Zip
  Help.7z2,09 Kb
  Lang.7z6,39 Kb
  x64.7z545,41 Kb
  x86.7z528,71 Kb
  ZipSize.ini360 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/4 - Core Components/OS/DirectX11.Zip
  DllFile.7z3,07 Mb
  Reg.7z45,52 Kb
  ZipSize.ini221 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/4 - Core Components/OS/DotNetFx.Zip
  Folder.7z6,74 Kb
  SxS.7z2,36 Kb
  ZipSize.ini232 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/4 - Core Components/OS/MMC.Zip
  Fix.7z52,54 Kb
  REG.7z10,29 Kb
  ZipSize.ini121 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/4 - Core Components/OS/MMC_XP.Zip
  Folder.7z9,1 Kb
  ZipSize.ini90 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/4 - Core Components/OS/VCRuntimes.Zip
  x64.7z11,09 Mb
  x86.7z8,2 Mb
  ZipSize.ini194 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/5 - Tweaks/1-wallpaper.Zip
  ImageConvert.7z263,71 Kb
  Wallpaper.7z235,71 Kb
  ZipSize.ini165 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/5 - Tweaks/DesktopTweaks.Zip
  Folder.7z19,11 Kb
  ZipSize.ini64 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/5 - Tweaks/DisplayProperties.Zip
  Folder.7z37,33 Kb
  ZipSize.ini69 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/5 - Tweaks/driverSigning.4.Zip
  Folder.7z59,18 Kb
  ZipSize.ini102 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/5 - Tweaks/driverSigning.Zip
  Folder.7z21,49 Kb
  ZipSize.ini71 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Accessibility/HDAudioSupport.Zip
  Folder.7z222,86 Kb
  ZipSize.ini241 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Accessibility/myNvdaEx.Zip
  Folder.7z273,16 Kb
  ZipSize.ini97 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Accessibility/SwitchAud.Zip
  Application.7z587,64 Kb
  LicenseFile.7z872 Bytes
  ZipSize.ini221 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Accessibility/Win7Audio.Zip
  Driver.7z184 Bytes
  Registry.7z11,81 Kb
  ZipSize.ini181 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Accessibility/xpe-pnp-aio.Zip
  Folder.7z108,36 Kb
  ZipSize.ini271 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Net/CD-Opera.Zip
  cacheOp.7z12,44 Kb
  classes.7z59,2 Kb
  defaults.7z18,56 Kb
  images.7z866 Bytes
  opera.7z2,45 Mb
  plugins.7z590,75 Kb
  profile.7z20,85 Kb
  program.7z14,42 Kb
  Skin.7z222,12 Kb
  styles.7z9,21 Kb
  toolbar.7z1,9 Kb
  user.7z9,2 Kb
  ZipSize.ini2,17 Kb

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Net/IE Internet Explorer.Zip
  Fix.7z304,56 Kb
  Reg.7z45,52 Kb
  ZipSize.ini266 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Net/IE_06_saydin77.Zip
  regs.7z111,53 Kb
  tools.7z493 Bytes
  ZipSize.ini667 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Net/PENetwork.1.Zip
  files.7z555,94 Kb
  ZipSize.ini66 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/Net/PENetwork.6.Zip
  files.7z599,29 Kb
  ZipSize.ini89 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/System/BGInfo.Zip
  Source.7z6,72 Kb
  x64.7z355,28 Kb
  x64fr-FR.7z849 Bytes
  x86.7z329,42 Kb
  x86fr-FR.7z868 Bytes
  ZipSize.ini303 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/System/DrvImpe.Zip
  Folder.7z364,18 Kb
  html.7z2,15 Kb
  symmpi.7z41,16 Kb
  ZipSize.ini161 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/System/hostDriver.Zip
  Folder.7z197,51 Kb
  ZipSize.ini70 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/System/HWPnP.Zip
  Folder.7z15,53 Kb
  ZipSize.ini87 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/6 - Core Apps/System/USBWatchApp.Zip
  Folder.7z78,39 Kb
  ZipSize.ini94 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Core/7 - Core Package/CacheBuild.Zip
  Folder.7z273,44 Kb
  LicenseFile.7z1,27 Kb
  x64.7z171,29 Kb
  x86.7z151,51 Kb
  ZipSize.ini200 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Drivers/2 Video/UniversalVideoDriver.Zip
  Driver.7z10,3 Kb
  Inf.7z1,28 Kb
  LicenseFile.7z1015 Bytes
  System.7z21,95 Kb
  ZipSize.ini219 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Drivers/4 Storage/RemovableDevicesCombo.Zip
  files.7z21,15 Kb
  old_icons.7z11,54 Kb
  ZipSize.ini169 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Drivers/4 Storage/SATA2.Zip
  Drv.7z2,05 Mb
  ZipSize.ini1,02 Kb

       multiPE_Zip/Drivers/4 Storage/vUSBDummyDisk.Zip
  Folder.7z1,64 Kb
  ZipSize.ini61 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Drivers/6 Other/AccessGain.Zip
  Folder_x64.7z2,51 Kb
  Folder_x86.7z2,31 Kb
  ZipSize.ini166 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/Drivers/7 Virtual Machines/VirtualMachineDrivers2.Zip
  qEmuNIC.7z22,29 Kb
  VBoxVGA.7z48,08 Kb
  VMWareNIC.7z19,36 Kb
  VMWareVGA.7z55,01 Kb
  ZipSize.ini438 Bytes

  PSC.7z336 Bytes
  ZipSize.ini57 Bytes

  Grub.7z404,57 Kb
  ZipSize.ini193 Bytes

  Folder.7z50,73 Kb
  ZipSize.ini74 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/PEFactory/Config/4-Prepare Image/RAMBootEx.Zip
  Folder.7z563,86 Kb
  ZipSize.ini197 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/PEFactory/Config/6-Create Image/CreateISOEx.Zip
  Boot.7z2,08 Kb
  ZipSize.ini82 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/PEFactory/Config/6-Create Image/CreateUSBStickEx.Zip
  Folder.7z44,88 Kb
  Grub.7z20,24 Kb
  LicenseFile.7z286 Bytes
  RMPartUSB.7z121,61 Kb
  Wimbom.7z238 Bytes
  ZipSize.ini341 Bytes

  Folder.7z235 Bytes
  ZipSize.ini64 Bytes

  Folder.7z5,22 Mb
  Wrapper.7z42,53 Kb
  ZipSize.ini158 Bytes

  Folder.7z2,91 Kb
  ZipSize.ini104 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/PEFactory/Config/9-Burn Image/CDRecord.Zip
  Folder.7z1,95 Kb
  ZipSize.ini63 Bytes

       multiPE_Zip/PEFactory/Config/9-Burn Image/ImgBurnISO.Zip
  Folder.7z2,52 Mb
  LicenseFile.7z1,26 Kb
  ZipSize.ini145 Bytes

  Folder.7z64,74 Kb
  ZipSize.ini66 Bytes

  Folder.7z26,67 Kb
  Syslinux.7z12,62 Kb
  ZipSize.ini110 Bytes

  PreLogon.7z41,04 Kb
  Win7_Folder.7z594,05 Kb
  ZipSize.ini305 Bytes

  Folder.7z846,03 Kb
  ZipSize.ini379 Bytes

  Folder.7z53,28 Kb
  ZipSize.ini67 Bytes

  Folder.7z97,3 Kb
  ZipSize.ini93 Bytes

  Folder.7z319,3 Kb
  ZipSize.ini96 Bytes

  Folder.7z246,24 Kb
  ZipSize.ini167 Bytes

  Folder.7z6,14 Kb
  ZipSize.ini243 Bytes

  Folder.7z150,37 Kb
  ZipSize.ini71 Bytes

  Custom.txt545 Bytes

  _default.txt17,35 Kb

  bcdboot.exe177,38 Kb
  cdrecord.exe374 Kb
  cygwin1.dll2,53 Mb
  DllTypeEx.exe6,5 Kb
  ExtractString.exe41,5 Kb
  hiderunEx_Info.txt373 Bytes
  hiderunEx_x64.exe37 Kb
  libeay32.dll1012 Kb
  mkisofs.exe953,89 Kb
  mkisofs.txt10,46 Kb
  msvcr100.dll755,83 Kb
  myTTS.cmd151 Bytes
  SetACL.exe443,41 Kb
  ssleay32.dll192 Kb
  unzip.exe72 Kb
  upx.exe255 Kb
  zCopy.exe278,69 Kb

       Tools/nativeEx/BIOS/Bochs 2.4.2
  bios.bin128 Kb
  vgabios-cirrus.bin35 Kb
  vgabios.bin37,5 Kb

       Tools/nativeEx/BIOS/SeaBios 0.4.3
  bios.bin128 Kb
  vgabios-cirrus.bin35 Kb
  vgabios.bin37,5 Kb

  bios.bin128 Kb
  qemu-img.exe207 Kb
  qemu-io.exe218 Kb
  qemu-system-x86_64.exe1,82 Mb
  qemu.exe1,64 Mb
  SDL.dll507,78 Kb
  stderr.txt72 Bytes
  vgabios-cirrus.bin35 Kb
  vgabios.bin37,5 Kb
  video.x11,91 Kb
  zlib1.dll70 Kb

  7z.dll1,07 Mb
  7z.exe260,5 Kb
  7z.sfx137 Kb
  7zCon.sfx136,5 Kb
  7z_License.txt1,95 Kb
  AutoIt3_x64.exe814,49 Kb
  hiderunEx_Info.txt373 Bytes
  hiderunEx_x64.exe37 Kb

  7z.dll709 Kb
  7z.exe146,5 Kb
  7z.sfx137 Kb
  7zCon.sfx136,5 Kb
  7z_License.txt1,95 Kb
  AutoIt3_x86.exe692,99 Kb
  hiderunEx_Info.txt371 Bytes
  hiderunEx_x86.exe1,5 Kb

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