multiPE First Steps

In the first use of scripts maybe one or more License window(s) appear during build. Just agree.

Beginning with multiPE

As beginner you should perform the first build exactly following this description!
Please use the "Factory Settings" of the downloaded project.
Do not modify any selections, script GUI settings, and similar.
That you can try after a first successful build.
  • If not yet done, download the multiPE project
    • Create an empty directory where the multiPE project should reside. Requirements:
      • The disk where you create it, must be formatted in NTFS.
      • It must not be a subdirectory of the "Documents and Settings" directory.
      • Not required, but recommended:
        • It should be in the root of the drive.
        • The name should not contain spaces.
      • The total path length should be less than 70 characters.
    • For the next explanations, let's asssume, your choice is V:\multiPE.
    • Download the the multiPE project from the multiPE server and unzip the "Projects" directory into V:\multiPE. *
    • Optionally look here for a newer WinBuilder version, download and unzip WinBuilder.exe into V:\multiPE.
  • Start WinBuilder as Admin.
  • Click the "Source" tab and define a valid XP, Vista or Win7 x86 source. **
  • Click the blue triange, and watch at the build. ***
Finally you see your PE booting in an qEmu emulator, and you'll be able to browse with Opera, provided, your host PC has internet access. ****

* When later you want to download single scripts, you can use the WinBuilder download center connected to

** The source should be an extracted CD rather than a CD. Building from CD is rather slow.
When using a Win7 source CD, SP0 is recommended. Here the WIMs can be fast mounted on the fly. SP1 must be extracted once. That needs once several minutes time, and permanently about 10 GB of disk space.
It must be an original, not customized CD, e.g. no nLite. There are several problems with customized CDs reported.
It is recommended, that after extracting the attributes of all files are changed to write access. Coming from CD, the files are Read Only.

*** When you get a message to restart the build, do so.
These message appears only after switching to a new PE type.
Factory settings is PE1, so when you use PE2 or PE2 source, this message appears also in the first run.
On the very first build of a Vista or Win7 PE, some necessary, but nondistributable files are downloaded. That may take some minutes.

**** qEmu is rather slow. When you have VirtualBox or VMWare installed, multiPE will automatically use this alternity.